The agreement on the policy of confidentiality is made only in the Lithuanian language.

1. The Buyer - a natural person, in order to purchase goods in The Shop, must first register. First time Buyer agrees to the registration and must submit personal data: name, e-mail address, phone number and address. The Purchaser is deemed to accept the seller to keep the data for the purposes of the Treaty by data entry

2. Buyer’s data is transferred using SSL technology, which safely and using illegible format for the third parties reach the seller. It ensures the protection of Customer data from loss, unauthorized access and so on. The transmitted data is encrypted by Comodo SSL certificate and 1024-bit key length.

3. Buyer agrees to immediately correct or supplement the registration details, which He registered with The Dealer Shop, if these data will be changed. The parties agree that Seller will perform all their duties and to use their rights in accordance with the presumption that The Buyer registration data is correct and complete. Sellershall in no event be liable for any damage caused to The Buyer or any third party due to the fact that The Buyer has given wrong or incomplete registration information or did not change or supplement such registration when data will be changed.If The Buyer properly carries out its contractual obligations, and this leads to losses forThe Seller, in which case The Buyer undertakes to reimburse The Seller within the specified time limit.

4. The Purchaser must enter a login and password on later joining.

5. Buyer agrees to these Rules confirming that notifications are sent in connection with the execution of the contract and The Shop news in to His e-mail.

6. Seller agrees not to disclose The Buyer’s personal data and order information with any third parties other than Seller partners that provide delivery services. In other cases, The Buyer's personal information can be disclosed when required by the competent authority of the State Ministry LR of the cases provided by law. Buyerpaying for the acquisition of goods in the Shop by bank transfer or internet banking system which data is secured by the bank server, in which The Buyer enters the system passwords and other information known only to The Buyer.

7. The Buyer as an individual has the right to obtain information as to the processing of His personal data, demand correction or destruction or suspension of personal data, except for storage of personal data processing operations, where data is processed in compliance with statutory provisions, or to object to the processing of His personal data.

8. If The Buyer disagrees that the processing of the above in His personal data in the sales and buying Contract is not formed. This does not restrict the right for theBuyer to come to Seller headquarters in Kaunas (see website section "Contact Us") and purchase necessary product.

9. The Buyer is committed to protecting his access to the data in the shop and disclose to any third party. Breach of this Rules condition results to all the related responsibility of The BuyerThe Buyer becomes aware of His connection to disclosure, promptly notifies The Seller, who according to the customer notification, blocks access for The Buyer. Parties agree separately regarding the buyer’s reactivation.

10. In case of Store’s withdrawal all user data collected is lost permanently.

11. Store staff does not require Buyer to provide login data, bank card numbers, passwords or any other information that could cause Buyer a financial or any other damage by telephone or email or by any other means. All information is published and publicly available on sale and offers on Store pages.

12. The Buyer's personal data is stored and processed in firm accordance with the existing Republic of Lithuania on legal protection Act (Official Gazette. In 2003, no. 15-597) regulations and according to 2016 April 27 Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council.