It is planned to conduct 9 lectures on this course of aromatherapy basics for 7 academic hours once a month. Here you will get acquainted with the concept of aromatherapy, its development from ancient to our days. You will get acquainted with various materials used in aromatherapy - essential and vegetable oils. You will discuss their characteristics and use possibilities.Thoroughly analyze the effect of aromatherapy onhuman organism.The date of the course will be announced by gathering a group of 8-10 listeners.

Process of the course

I. Aromatherapy and therein used for substances


1,2. Aromatherapy - is not new, it is forgets to old.

3. Essential oils - natural developed products.

4. Essential oil the use of methods.

5. Vegetable oils.

6. The natural oily aromatherapy cosmetics Original ATOK.

7-10.  Essential oil characteristics.


Aromatherapy effects on the human organism:


             1. Diseases and their solution aromatherapy help.

             2. The psychological character disorders.

             3. Respiratory diseases.

             4. The circulatory disorders (cardiovascular diseases).

             5. Gastrointestinal disorders.

             6. Gynecologicals diseases.

             7. Muscular ailments.

             8. Diseases of the skin.


The planned large aromatherapy-based courses for 9 lectures. Lessons should take place once a month.


One lectures duration from 10 to 18 hours. (Lunch break from 14 to 15 hours).

Price: EUR 30 (per day).


Suitable for all those interested in aromatherapy.

Course start date will be published in the collected people 8-10 group.


SEMINAR organization of location: Kaunas, K.Būgos g. 21 

The seminar will lead aromatherapy lecturer - professional cosmetologist RIMA BALAIŠIENĖ.

Information and registration: e-mail:, phone: +370 671 04092 (Rima Balaišienė).


NOTE: The courses is conducted in Lithuanian language.