Aromatherapy body massage is inseparable from the aromatherapy. This is the most important of aromatherapy treatment. The tactile is an important and sensitive form of communication.


Process of the seminar

Aromatherapy body massage of the seminar themes:

1. Holistic of the body therapy and the power of touch.

2. Aromatherapy body massage technique – 3 days practical seminar.

Duration - 3 days



10 – 12. 11. 2018.

SEMINAR organization of location: Kaunas, K.Būgos g. 21


The seminar will lead aromatherapy lecturer - professional cosmetologist RIMA BALAIŠIENĖ.

Information and registration: e-mail:, phone: +370 671 04092 (Rima Balaišienė).

Seminar cost: 200 EUR (for 3 days).


The seminar to pay a prior by bank transfer:

Rima Balaišienė a. s. LT647300010034544872 (Swedbank), the order under "payment" to indicate - “for the aromatherapy body massage seminar“.


NOTE: The seminar is conducted in Lithuanian language.