Facial skin
  • Facial skin care in the winter

    My skin is normal, there is no problem, only now is very afraid of the cold. Which cream would be suitable for my face in winter? Vaida. Kalvarija.

  • Problems with dry skin of the body

    Now that the menopause has started, I feel that the skin of the body is very dry. Can vegetable oils improve my body's condition? Rasa. Akmene.
  • Care for oily skin

    I have problems with my oily skin. My face starts to shine during the day. Also there were a few eels. How can I take care of my face skin? Irina.

  • Herpes prevention

    A red spot appears in the corners of the lips just in the cavity, it is itchy, followed by a cuddle. How to protect yourself from this? ŽANETA.KAUNAS.

  • Allergy to pollen

    My daughter is allergic to pollen and chronic bronchitis. Therefore, her eyes are peeling, there is irritation of the eyelids and a persistent runny nose. How can you improve her quality of life? MARIJA M. RIETAVAS.

    Body skin
  • Aromatherapy in the summer

    I wonder how aromatherapy can be used in the summer, when it's hot? What can be useful in natural essential oils in the summer? ROBERTA R. PALANGA.

  • Toughened heel skin care

    I have very hard skin on the heels of my legs. I constantly clean them with pumice stone. Do you have essential oils, creams that could soften the stratum corneum of the heels? EGLĖ T. VILNIUS.

  • Body dryness during menopause

    With the onset of menopause, the skin of my body became deeply emaciated. Can Vegetable Oils Improve My Skin Condition? RASA. PAKRUOJIS.

  • Apricot vegetable oil

    Good day. Apricot seed oil is ascribed more to aromatherapy or to phytotherapy? RENATA. PASVALYS.
  • Insomnia and stress

    I have a sitting job. I come home tired. I often wake up at night. In the morning I do not feel rested. I wanted to solve this problem using natural products.  ROLANDAS P. ROKIŠKIS.

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