Cold-pressed Gourd vegetable oil

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Cucurbita pepo seed oil  
Pumpkin oil is quickly absorbed, soothes, softens and regenerates the skin, helps the overall recovery of energy, supplies the required minerals, positively improve the quality of hair, teeth and nails. Pumpkin oil positively affects the digestive tract, has a slightly laxative effect. Pumpkin oil is a source of zinc, which is important for physiological processes, especially in men.
Physical properties:
A dark reddish-brown oily liquid with the typical aroma of fruit stones. Relative density at 20 °C: approx. 0.920g per cm3.
Basic constituent parts:
Unsaturated fatty acids – the main ingredients are linoleic acid (C 18:2) at approximately 49 %, oleic acid (C 18:1) at approximately 33 %, and palmitic acid (C 16:0) at approximately 11 %. Also contains vitamins (vitamin E 80-600 mg/kg), phytosterol, lecithin, and organically-bound zinc.
Properties & use:
Sometimes (but rarely) added to cosmetics and massage preparations. Calms the skin, softens it, and contributes to its regeneration. Suitable as a base for hair packs to stop hair loss. Dabbed over cuticles when the nails themselves are fragile.
Food supplement for internal use, cooking or salad ingredient.


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Cold-pressed Gourd vegetable oil

Cold-pressed Gourd vegetable oil

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