Sweet almond vegetable oil

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dry, sensitive, irritated



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Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil 
Almond oil is relatively thin oil with excellent absorbency and slipperiness. Almond oil repairs, soothes and softens the skin. For softness and non-irritability is used in cosmetics for children.
Physical properties:
A light yellow oily liquid which has almost no aroma.
Setting point:
Approx. - 18 °C, relative density at 20 °C: approx. 0.913g per cm3.
Basic constituent parts:
Unsaturated fatty acids – the main ingredients are oleic acid (C 18:1) at approximately 71 %, linoleic acid (C 18:2) at approximately 21 %, and palmitic acid (C 16:0) at approximately 6 %. Also contains vitamins A and E and lecithin.
A very mild, non-irritating oil which is relatively thin. Absorbed well by the skin. Good „slipperiness” during massage. Has regenerative and calming effects.
Suitable for treating dry and sensitive skin or skin which has been damaged by the sun. Recommended for use in children’s cosmetics given its mildness. A suitable base for the preparation of regenerative creams, oils, and massage preparations.


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Sweet almond vegetable oil

Sweet almond vegetable oil

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Weight 310.00 g
Capacity 100 ml
Skin type dry, sensitive, irritated