Mixture of essential oils Harmony

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disinfects, deodorising, aphrodisiacal



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This Original ATOK essential oil blend are aromatic combinations appropriate for relaxation, meditation or for refreshing and embalming the rooms.
Positively influences the psychic, soothes, improves concentration, sensation and thinking, aphrodisiac, has a disinfect and deodorant effect.
Essential oils - ylang-ylang, orange, cedar, lavender extra, incense tree, hyssop, lemon grass, jasmine.
Mild, enhancing.
Application Method:
The most common use of the essential oil blend is by inhaling them from aroma lamps. Apply 3-8 drops of essential oil blend or blend into water and let it evaporate. The actual amount is up to the individual according to the kind of essential oil blend used, the room size, and its ability to be aired. The essential oil blend and their blends are also used for inhalation in saunas. Apply a few drops onto a cloth, cellulose or paper and let it evaporate. It is also possible to drop it into the water and then pouring it onto the hot stones. Except for the inhalable oil, the essential oil blend are also used for baths, massages, wrapping, or for aroma-therapeutic cosmetics preparations.
For creating individual recipes, it is essential oil blend to observe the safe dosing.


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Mixture of essential oils Harmony

Mixture of essential oils Harmony

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Weight 100.00 g
Capacity 10 ml
Effect disinfects, deodorising, aphrodisiacal