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Delivery of the goods of the European Union states & other countries 

1. Goods are delivered by a transport company in Lithuania or The Buyer takes the goods at its own expense from The Seller’s listed location. In some, cases discussed by The Seller, the goods are delivered at The Seller’s expense.

2. The exact cost of the delivery depends on The Buyer‘s ordered goods’ weight, volume, dimensions and destination, so the final product transfer price will be visible only provided on request.

3. The Buyer ordering goods must indicate the method of goods receipt.

3.1. The delivery of goods by the AB “Lietuvos paštas” (SC Lithuanian Post) in Lithuania and abroad;

4. Goods are delivered to other countries by AB “Lietuvos paštas” (SC Lithuanian Post) at The Buyer‘s expense. The Buyer takes the goods at his own expenses from the post office which was indicated on the invitation.

4.1. Goods are delivered in 10-14 working days to The Buyer’s indicated post office in his residence after The Buyer has paid in full to The Seller for the goods ordered and their delivery. The parcel is recorded and sent by priority mail.

4.2. When The Buyer has received an Invitation from the post office at His residence to withdraw the received parcel he shall travel to the post office of it’s working time and retrieve a consignment of goods in 3 (three) working days.
The Buyer must submit a proof of identity for a post office employee(s) when withdrawing the consignment.

4.3. The delivery charges to the post office of the European Union states depends on the weight of the goods (price in EUR/LTL):

The lot is up to 1 kg – 10.00 EUR;         Lot of 1 to 2 kg – 15.00 EUR;

4.4. The delivery charges to the appropriate post offices in other countries outside the European Union depend on the weight of the goods:

The lot is up to 1 kg – 17.00 EUR;       Lot of 1 to 2 kg – 26.00 EUR;

4.5. The Buyer pays all the necessary costs for the bank’s services when paying from foreign countries.

4.6. The Buyer shall check the shipment status together with the post office employee (employees) during the goods’ withdrawal at the post office. It is assumed that the consignment is delivered in satisfactory condition when The Buyer signs the batch transfer – making document. Noticing that the packaging is damaged (curled, wet or otherwise damaged externally), The Buyer must unselect the batch transfer – making document. If The Buyer fails to make this step, The Seller shall be withdrawn from liability for The Buyer of goods damage, if any damage was caused of the package, which The Buyer has not marked in accordance with the above.

4.7. In cases where The Buyer observes that the shipment of goods and the combination do not correspond to the goods ordered, The Buyer shall immediately inform The Seller.

4.8. If The Buyer has incorrectly specified his residential address, the responsibility for the misuse of the goods has to be uploaded to The Buyer. The Buyer’s obligation to pay for delivery remains in this case.

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