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About us

Little History

Our first contact in early ’90th with aromatherapy cosmetic manufacturing company „Cosmetics ATOK International s.r.o.“ was start-up of our company “Aromatum Cosmetic” foundation as distributor of this company cosmetic in Lithuania. Now we are very pleased to have a lot of satisfied customers and constantly growing interest in aromatherapy cosmetic.

Mark/Brand Original ATOK

Czech company „Cosmetics ATOK International s.r.o.“ products under brand name Original ATOK presents high-quality Aroma Therapy Oil-based Cosmetics for professionals and home use. The cosmetic has product line for whole body care. Original ATOK cosmetic production is combined in collaboration of both ancient recipes and advanced methods. Original ATOK cosmetic don‘t have surfactants, chemical stabilizers, preservatives, mineral oils, which have negative effect to the skin. The laboratories use exclusively natural vegetable raw materials: extra organic vegetable oils, vitamin E, soy lecithin, vegetable extracts. Natural vegetable oil properties are close to the skin fats therefore they easily absorbs in to the skin with help of active substances. Essential oil has beneficial effect to skin tone, blood flow, the sebaceous gland function and the whole body. Effectiveness of cosmetic is confirmed by long term observations in collaboration with beauty salons, rehabilitation centers, pediatricians, sanatoriums. All products are approved by clinical trials.

Thanks to the company’s „Cosmetics ATOK International s.r.o.“ owner and head Anastasia Skopalovahigh diligence and skills, today it is a thriving and dynamic company engaged in aromatherapy cosmetics under brand name Original ATOK development, production and delivery to consumers. Also the company is proud to be nominated as winner of Czech businesswomen award OCP 2010 in category of medium-sized group companies.

The company „Cosmetics ATOK International s.r.o.“ propose the following aromatherapy cosmetic products: bath oils, shower oils, intimate hygiene products, baby series, preparations for treating hair and scalp, products treating teeth and mouth, nasal care oil, series for men, hydrophilic face cleaning oils, face and body lotions, regenerative face oil, exclusive facial oils and creams, sun tanning oil, body massage oils and creams, regenerative and basic creams, eye skin care creams, special products, regenerative mask, aromatic facial cleansing lotion and tonic, hand and foot care products, essential oils, mixtures of essential oil, vegetable oils and their extracts, vitamins.

High quality cosmetic Original ATOK can be represented by cosmetology, massage, rehabilitation, health centers and other professionals. We prefer collaboration and selling trough these specialists and beauty centers therefore to find all information about our local distributors please visit www.aromaterapija.lt under “Contacts”. If you have interest, or question about our products, please contact us or purchase in our online store. 

Our contacts: 
UAB „Aromatum Cosmetic“
Bugos g. 21-1, Kaunas
Phone: +370 37 221410, +370 37 324323, +370 699 49021 
E-mail: [email protected] 
Online store: www.aromaterapija.lt

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